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4 kingdoms vol 2

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The alternate version of my 4 kingdoms story , brand new sexy characters fighting for your entertainment
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4 kingdoms 2
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In the ancient times , world was divided between 4 great empires , in the north , the kingdom of ice of blizzard , center was occupied by the kingdom of hoplites warriors while across the great sea
in the south lied the sand kingdom, finally but not the least away from those 3 in the far east the thrived the kingdom of Cathay. Legends says that to avoid unncessary bloodshed and endless wars
the leaders of those 4 kingdoms came with better solution, Any territorial claim gonna be settled by the queens themself . To put it simply instead of having armies clashing the 4 queens will meet
and "peacefully" determine the fate of those claims . Altho peacefully was not the best term the 4 queens hated each other and was obvious any claim will be challenged , which lead to the
Trial by Combat. Rules were simple , the two queens will fight eachother , in every way they see fit ,and the battle will only end when one of the combatants was out for the count. And here comes
the first meeting of the queens, Freya the blonde queen of frozen realms , Spartika the warrior queen known as goddess of war , the sexy egyptian who ruled over the great deserts Nefertiti and
from Cathay ... the queen Li Sen unfortunately fell ill before the meeting begin and so Cathay was represented by the young princess Li Wei , known to her people as the Dragon princess . Altho
Li Wei may be younger than the other 3 queens whatever she lack as experience she compensate by her will and youth energy , make no mistake she's as strong as any other queen