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Ancient queens - Temple of Sacrifice

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A deadly duel between two queens
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Digital Download
Ancient Queens Temple of Sacrifice
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War had waged for years between the great states of Babylon and Caanan with no side showing any signs of success. tired of the bloodshed and fearing the neverending war
will weaken their countries too much an agreement was made . The two warrior queens leading the armies will meet and fight in ritual combat for the throneof both states.
Armed with just ritual daggers the young and savage princess Roxanne of Babylone who just took her mother throne ( trough matricide some will say) and queen Sheva of
Caanan (who posioned her husband to get his throne) will battle to the death . One shall emerge from the ritual chamber as uncontested ruler of all lands , the other will
meet an abrubt and most probably gruesome end .This is the story of ancient queens and ascension to power !