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Nasty Bitchfight

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Two mean bitches in a nasty catfight over a guy
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Nasty Bitchfight
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Both Caroline and Vanessa were nasty mean girls , spoiled to the core and used to be the center of attention , so of course the first moment they met the mutual hatred was reaching the sky . Altho is well known that both girls
didn't backed down in the past from a physical challenge it wasn't yet the case here , perhaps the girls sensed in a way that her rival was a her equal and avoided a fight that could break the actual stalemate. Their encounters
usually resumed to comments regarding the other girl lack of style , poor fashion sense , manners and body features until both girls started to fuck the same guy , Jamie , owner of multiple casinos and sailing lover. And that
was the point of no return . Truth to be told , there was no love , it was just fun for them , altho they had to admit , Jamie had a really big cock , however the girls turned this in a personal crusade , this time none will back
down , their pride as women was on the line and both did all they could to take Jamie just for herself , unfortunately to no avail and so , an arrangement was made , a room was reserved to a luxuty hotel where girls would
meet and settle things once and for all . Jamie was invited to the party but one hour later so the when he arrives will find one girl baptized as true alpha bitch in the tears of her rival. Winner will have Jamie in front of the loser
who would either leave town or stay as second place women, a position neither Vanessa or Caroline could accept.