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Queen of the Amazons vol 3

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Volume 3 in the amazons battle for the crown
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Queen of the Amazons vol 3.7z
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This is a commission for my good friend Dermonarch , so a big thanks for the great story and characters . For a simple explanation of the rules:

Once the Amazons Queens is challenged she have two choices , forfeit and lose her crown or fight the challenger in a ritual duel, this duel consists in 3 fights , first is an all out brawl in the colliseum , second is Pale , amazons traditional wrestling . If at this point one of the combatants achieved two victories the fight is over . However if the score is tied the fighters must proceed to the trird and final match. There
are no rules to this final fight , however before they clash in the final bout the two duelists must spend a night together , they are given a chance to make peace and love , not war . If after spending the night together they still wanna continue then no mercy shall be given to the one losing the final match. And so , let us proceed to the sexy lands of amazons where strong gorgeous women battle for the right to be