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Queen of the Day Vol 3 + 4

Product Code:3DS0101
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Raphaela and Juliette continue their duel for office supremacy
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Queen of the day Vol 3+4.7z
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In the first Queen of the Day series Raphaela and Juliette fought in office and elevator only to reach a draw and anger their boss . Now the girls are sent to anger management therapy in hope they will settle the feud and continue with the company merging but the girls won't let this slide so easily. Even on the way to therapist office they begin fighting again , catfight and sexfight in the limo before reaching the destination where much to everyone surprise the doctor will encourage a huge titfight between our protagonist. Another twist in the tale will lead to a second sexfight , right there on the therapist couch , but that's not all ... a legs test of strenght , some catfight and hairpulling are spicing the main battles of thisĀ  story. How things will progress ? find out in almost 300 pages of sexy duels between two incredibly hot office girls