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Red vs Red 2

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second volume of the redheads fight , now it gets sexual
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red vs red 2
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This story takes over the events of the first chapter , Sonja and Monika fiercely battled in the cage for the king's affection. Sonja prove the strongest and she became the first wife , however much to everyone's surprise the king took Monika as his second . ( well yeah he's the king , he can do that)But putting those two redhead dynamites in the same bed may be a bad idea.. or a very good one , depends a lot on the point of view . Neither of this beauty is willing to share and very soon they are fighting again , this time to prove who is sexually stronger and fitting to please their king . Everything comes into play , boobs , fingers , asses , as every piece of their bodies is used as a sexual weapon to subdue the other . Now which girl will prove to be the better wife ?