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The Sacrifice

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Two snake priestess catfight/catball and sexfight into an ancient temple
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The Sacrifice
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Temple of Quetzalcoatl the great Snake God , a place full poisonous clouds and miasma , a place where no ordinary human could survive for long
nor any human would enter willingly , unless she was a snake priestess. Blessed by the Great God with iron health and fertility , the priestesses
were conducting the most secret rituals in the name of their snake god , rituals sometimes so terrifying and bloody that can make nightmares
look like sweet dreams .And speaking of rituals .. one was just about to begin , a terrible one , as the former high priestess had passed away
and her two acolytes were ready to take her place . Yes two of them will enter the temple , one shall become the new high priestess , the other ?
well you need a SACRIFICE for the Snake God in order to succeed