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Top Heavy Collision

Product Code:3DS0132
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Penny "Porsche" and Melissa "Diamond" are titting it out! They try and smother each with their behemoth boobs! They catfight till they're out of breath and can't take the titty smothering anymore.
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Trophy wives war
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Penny and Melissa are two young sexy women married with very rich guys , who enjoy a life of spoil and luxury because of their great looks. Their rich husbands offered them anything and tho Penny soon got to be known
as Porsche , due her sport cars preferences while diamond on Melissa's name is pretty self explanatory . One day attending a big party our two beauties met and the dislike was mutual and super intense , there is room
only for one trophy at such a party. After trading some "sweet words" it became clear this would only be settled with one girl broken and begging by the better woman . And here our story begins , next day two
sexy big breasted blondes enter the parking lot of an old dirty motel in desert , their bet ! car vs car , winner takes loser car and the bragging rights of being the top bitch in town