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Wet Boxing

Product Code:3DS0138
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A sexy boxing match between two large breasted porn stars
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Wet Boxing
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Tim is a rich young man who love sexfights and since his birthday is close Tim decided to gift himself something amazing , and so hired a team of pros to make the best sexfight video ever . Accordingly two of the most famous porn stars
were hired to fulfill Tim's fantasy but ... eh things not always go as planned. The girls were like oil and water , no scene went well and they kept arguing and blaming each other while asking the producer to fire the other bitch. And so
Tim's birthday arrived and movie was nowhere near completion. Desperate , the producer came with a better idea , hell bitches if you can't fuck eachother right maybe you can fight it out . Movie was cancelled and instead girls were
given a choice , a boxing match at Tim's mansion to show him who was indeed the better woman. Needless to say our angry porn stars didn't let the opportunity slip away and got ready to beat the crap out of each other. However looks
like Tim have other plans .. well that remains to be seen