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Season of the Witch

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A sexy titfight between two witches
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Season of the Witch vol 1
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An old and sinister looking hut , deep in the forest , home of one of the strongest witches in the world is about to
know some action , now that Halloween approaches the creatures of night and shadows are getting bolder preparing
for the one day where they truly reach their peak power . That is also happening to witches , their magic power increases
as the veil between our world and the shadow realm gets thinner , and those usually old decrepit looking hags turn
into their former glory . That is perfect for witches to go out and charm innocent humans tricking them into their cauldrons
and using them to keep their young and sexy appearance for the next year . However hunting grounds are scarce and witches
are many so arrangements are made and not everyone gets to keep her look for one more year .We are just about to witness
one of those arrangements being made